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Car Air Conditioning

There’s nothing worse than semi-cool air blowing out of your air conditioner - especially when it’s humid outside, or you’ve just had a hot and sweaty workout and looking forward to sweet cool comfort…

When your air conditioner isn’t blowing out cold air anymore, there are a couple of major issues:

  1. The gas has run out (not likely)
  2. There’s a leak (very likely).

The first thing many people think when their air conditioner doesn’t work, is that the gas has run out. A regas would solve that problem.

But more often, the problem is deeper than that. Think of a fridge. How often do you need to get your fridge regassed? Not often.

It’s the same with your vehicle’s air conditioner. The gas in there doesn’t need to be replaced - unless there’s a leak.

Air conditioning service at Hoppers Crossing Automotive

Our air conditioning technicians are trained to find out the main cause of your  problem: we won’t ever advise you to regas if there’s a leak.

Because you’ll just be back again with the same problem - an unnecessary cost and waste of time - to you, and to us.

Our air conditioning service includes:

  • Investigate and accurately diagnose your air conditioning problem
  • Check sealer unit
  • Perform a dye test
  • Run a leak test
  • Explain the situation and what needs to be done next
  • Replace condensor, compressors, air-conditioning pipes (if necessary)

Locals trust us to service their air conditioner for many reasons:

  • Accurate and thorough diagnosis
  • Qualified and experienced technicians
  • Quality parts with manufacturer warranties
  • Budget friendly prices
  • 100% workmanship guarantee

"Really reliable mechanic. Did a great job. Highly recommend people to go there" Izaiah

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For reliable, friendly service at the lowest prices around, you can’t beat Hoppers Crossing Automotive.